Go back in time with the 1969 Sophomore SING, "Games People Play" (Class of '71)

Midwood High School's Class of '71 skewers the shifting culture of the times in its 1969 Sophomore SING, "Games People Play." From long-haired boys and short-skirted girls, to protesters, low-down gossips, and high society--no one is safe from this cutting humor! Laughs abound in this honest glimpse into a very special time and place. 

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Class of '70 Junior SING (1969) "No Strings Attached" + Pictures!

In the 1969 Junior SING, "No Strings Attached," Midwood's Class of 1970 tells a tale of societal puppetry and cutting loose those strings. When the puppets realize that the Puppetmaster's teachings of hatred and bigotry lead to destruction, they strike out on their own to free their minds. 

All proceeds support the Midwood High School Alumni Association. 

"Senior Maskerpiece" Senior SING 1964 is Now Online

"Senior Maskerpiece," the winning SING of 1964, addresses how people may go through life hiding their true nature. It presents humorous anecdotes of Midwood High School life, including talks with college advisors and campaigns for the Mayor of Midwood. 

The senior class created a new alma mater with words from John F. Kennedy's 1961 inaugural address and original music by Jeffrey Glass. Listen through the end to hear Sophomore and Freshman encores while the judges' votes are tabulated. The announcement of the results fills the auditorium with thunderous cheers. 

All proceeds support the Midwood High School Alumni Association! 

Visitors to Midwood

Midwood High School has had visits from some very influential people over the years.

Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States and United States Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, visited Midwood H.S. on April 30, 1952 to receive the FDR Award.

Eddie Cantor, a performer, comedian, singer, actor, and songwriter popular in American radio and films during the 1930s and 40s, visited Midwood H.S. on April 6, 1949 to receive the FDR Award.

Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player to play in America's Major League Baseball, and Baseball Hall of Fame-r, addressed Midwood's student body in assembly as he received the FDR Award. 

Film and TV Actor, Paul Ben-Victor, speaks to Midwood H.S. drama students.

Comedian Lewis Black is "Principal for a Day" at Midwood H.S.

Alumni Memories & Updates #3

Looking Back & Catching Up

Here are more memories and updates sent in by Midwood alumni. To share your own experiences, email us. Feel free to leave a message as well in the comments section below!

"My classmates in the Midwood Class of 1982 and I have very fond memories of our work on the Midwood Argus, where we learned how to apply the principles and fundamentals of journalism as taught by our wonderful and demanding teacher, Martin P. Kopelowitz. He somehow knew how to get the best out of us, to aim for excellence.

Pictured in this photo, from left to right: Dr. Humayun Chaudhry (Midwood '82), Shaun Chaudhry (my son), Ryan Thornton (Mary's son), and Mary Ryan-Thornton (Midwood '82), at Fordham University in June, 2016. The photographer is Gene Thornton, Mary's husband.

Mary and I graduated from Midwood in the same year, 1982, and our sons just graduated from Fordham, in the same year, 34 years later! Shaun and Ryan even took some classes together at Fordham, just as Mary and I did at Midwood. I call this photo The Full Circle!"

-Humayun Chaudhry, Class of 1982

"I graduated from Midwood in June 1944. My activities included playing the cello in the Midwood and All-City orchestras, competing on Midwood's swimming team (we won one meet against great odds), membership in Arista and Archon honor societies, and some clubs. I look back on those years with fondness and appreciation for what Midwood meant to me. It was, and appears to remain, a great school.
I entered U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, that June, but left in November to join the Navy. In September, 1946, I returned to UNC, but graduated from U. of Miami in September 1948.

Upon graduation from college, I joined the family business, Goody Products, and remained with it, eventually as chairman, until the company was sold in 1993. My outside activities have included active participation in some UNC’s programs as well as board membership in several cultural and Jewish organizations.

In 1953 Connie Schulman and I were married. We have enjoyed over 63 wonderful years together. Our two children are Stan Goodman and Joyce Goodman. We have two grandsons, Yale and Pace Goodman. Connie and I live in Manhattan."

-Leonard Goodman, class of 1944